Why Is ALAN Sending "Old" Information After I Have Updated The "My Info" Tab?

The "My Info" tab can be updated at any time directly within the End User's account.

To update a field, simply press the edit "pencil" next to the field you wish to update. After the field is updated, any NEW leads will see the updated information, and any OLD leads who opted in before the change will continue to see what was originally in that field. 


For Example:

If you are running a $56 new patient promotion, but decide to adjust this to a $72 new patient promotion, you can edit this directly via the [promo_name] field in the "My Info" tab.

Any leads who opted in originally before the change will continue to see the $56 new patient special promotion verbiage and any new leads who opted in after the change will see the updated $72 new patient promotion.